Cognitive Services for IoT-based Scenarios

The Digital Transformation in the industrial domain is currently limited to the connectivity of devices, machines, tools, workers etc. The amount of data is rising and requires a sophisticated interpretation through analytics to generate business value in terms of faster detection, better forecasts, and improved decisions with an overall increased flexibility. Current IoT-stacks are frequently focused on handling of data or data streams. At this point, COSIBAS targets the next step in IoT-based applications and solutions, namely the integration of semantic and cognitive AI technologies.

COSIBAS builds an in­cre­men­tal layer extending existing (open) platforms for IoT or data analytics to enable the creation of highly innovative cognitive solutions for IoT domains. This added-value is created by updating the legacy IoT software stacks and exiting AI-components with semantic and cognitive assets, in the form of cognitive enablers and cog­nitive services.

Due to the high complexity of such scenarios COSIBAS will rely on existing IoT-technologies, that is, FIWARE, and evolve existing semantic and cognitive technologies into a set of enablers and services based on proven elements of AI approaches and components.